M Science Launches Machine Learning-Based Transaction Data Platform: SWIPE

M Science’s SWIPE provides clients with analysis of public and private companies based on continuously evolving credit and debit card transaction data

M Science, the leader and pioneer in data driven research and analytics, has launched SWIPE, a new data analysis product within its M Data offering. M Science’s SWIPE uses machine learning to analyze transaction data that is collected from credit and debit card purchases, to provide institutional investors with near real-time analysis of public and private company performance linked to consumer spending.

“M Science’s SWIPE enables institutional investors to go many levels deep into the data and to perform ad hoc analysis on the fly,” said Michael Marrale, CEO of M Science. “This solution leverages M Science’s deep understanding of transaction data, our predictive modeling capabilities, and our world class technology and infrastructure, to overlay sophisticated machine learning techniques to create a new industry standard. Simply put, M Science’s SWIPE is a game changer.”

M Science’s SWIPE provides near-real time insight into key company performance indicators well ahead of a quarterly report and offers clients both a current snapshot and future forecast based on factors including historical data and changes in customer spending patterns. Accessible through the M Science M|Data|Viz platform and API, M Science’s SWIPE gives clients easy access to a 360-degree view of the consumer landscape and the capability to easily back-test results.

“We are changing the transaction data landscape with M Science’s SWIPE. Using extensive feature engineering and machine learning, we identify key drivers from the data to provide multiple viewpoints to our clients,” noted Ajay Krishna, Head of Data Science and Engineering at M Science.
Keeping with the 360-degree theme, M Science offers the only comprehensive end-to-end solution, from data science-driven solutions to comprehensive insight and analysis in its written research.

About M Science
M Science is a data-driven research and analytics firm, uncovering new insights for leading financial institutions and corporations. M Science is revolutionizing research, discovering new data sets and pioneering methodologies to provide actionable intelligence. Our research teams have decades of experience working with massive amounts of unstructured data in near real-time to discern critical insights that help clients make smarter, more informed decisions. We combine the best of finance, data and technology to create a truly unique value proposition for both financial services firms and major corporations.

M Science is a portfolio company of Leucadia Investments, a division of Jefferies Financial Group Inc. (NYSE: JEF)

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