M Science Acquires Leading Data Mapping Company, TickerTags


Acquisition complements M Science’s unique technology, infrastructure and data science capabilities and provides a scalable and curated solution for clients’ needs

M Science, the leader in data-driven research and analytics, today announced the acquisition of contextualized data mapping company TickerTags, Inc. With over 1 million tags mapped to nearly 3,000 public and private companies, TickerTags maps and monitors a multitude of tangible and intangible business drivers that influence companies and markets. TickerTags converts real time conversation activity into data that is useful for investment analysis through a combination of technology and a resource intensive research process built over several years.

“M Science strives to provide our clients exceptional insight into business performance and developments based on distinct and significant data analysis,” said Michael V. Marrale, CEO of M Science. “Our acquisition of TickerTags further enhances our capabilities by allowing us to combine its leading mention frequency investment tool with our existing predictive solutions.”

TickerTags will be available as a standalone product, mapping both words and products to investable assets, thereby facilitating minute-by-minute statistical analysis and providing actionable insights. In addition, TickerTags data will be incorporated into M Science’s core research offering, M Analysis, which utilizes a unique mosaic of data sources and employs proprietary methodologies to produce data driven intelligence on companies across sectors in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Unlike conventional research, TickerTags analytical intelligence identifies and corroborates consumer information that can foreshadow corporate trends and events by quantifying engagement for a given topic. This unique data insight can be impactful to key corporate metrics. “Knowledge of significant changes in word mention frequency is a leading indicator of changes to key drivers of business performance,” said Chris Camillo, CEO of TickerTags. “We are excited to join forces with M Science to unleash the predictive power of our shared capabilities.”

M Science’s data-driven analyst, Mark Bachman, will serve as Head of TickerTags. “The taxonomy of the TickerTags’ platform has direct application to our current filtering and tagging of large scale datasets,” Bachman noted. “Surfacing real time actionable insights from unstructured data will help our clients map the digital ecosystem and facilitate investment idea formation.”

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