“Alpha generation is not easy – but M Science gives us the advantage we need.”

Investment Insights

M Science provides alpha-generating insights for the world’s leading investment firms. With market volatility and uncertainty, firms need better insights in order to make smarter investing decisions. At M Science, we continue to revolutionize the investment research business through our proprietary methodology, unique data sets and creative approaches to parsing insight. Our mission? To give you the intel you need to stay ahead of the competition and improve your performance.

The key to investment success is having access to the most accurate information, including key metrics that speak to a company’s actual performance. M Science delivers unmatched, objective, actionable insights that help drive smart investment decisions.

We forge unique relationships with non-traditional data providers and use proprietary technology to parse billions of data points every day and generate fresh insights and superior analysis. We don’t issue buy-sell-hold recommendations. Our sole mission is to give you market insight to stay ahead of the street, make smarter decisions, and improve your performance.

M Analysis and M Data are our comprehensive offerings, providing an unparalleled one-stop shop for data and research. M Analysis is our analyst teams’ written work and incorporates estimates and insights for companies and industries while M Data provides more frequent data centric updates – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – to key metrics across 300+ companies.

Our skilled analysts use a unique mosaic of data sources and proven methodologies to produce data driven intelligence on companies that focus on Consumer, TMT and other market niches of interest.

These are just a few samples of our M Analysis insights:


M Data includes more frequent updates – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – to key metrics across 300+ companies.


For deeper dives into our data, we offer bespoke workups on companies within and outside the scope of our regular published research reports.

M DataE (Enhanced)

An enhanced version of M Data that provides near real time quarterly revenue and implied Y/Y growth rate estimates as well as indexed correlations to company reported metrics. Daily updates to all calendar buckets WTD/MTD/QTD and available through our API or excel plugin.

  • Utilizes a consumer transaction panel of millions of users to gain insight into business trends.
    Identifies drivers of revenue across various performance metrics (i.e. average spend, frequency, overall volume/spend) and monitors the cadence of these trends on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, & QTD basis.
    Offers insight into complex systematic methodologies, i.e. relationship weighting, ARIMA techniques for seasonality and longer model memory for more effective prediction.

M DataE includes 255+ companies – public, private, & sub-brands across 22 sub sectors.
Consumer: Accessory Retail, Department Stores, Discounters, Distressed Credit, Grocers, Hardline Retail, Home Furnishings, Rental Cars, Restaurants (Casual & QSR), Softline Retail, Specialty Retail, Theme Parks
UK Consumer: Coffee, Food Delivery, Grocers, Retail
TMT: Cable & Satellite, Internet, IT Sell-Through, Media, Payments