mscience is where mobile strategy meets data science. We're not fluffy strategy consultants. We're not a software company. We're problem solvers. We leverage expertise, data and software to make you successful in your mobile and omnichannel business.

mscience helps businesses at any stage of their mobile lifecycle to leverage their customer behavioral data, and make smarter decisions that drive engagement and revenue


Develop a mobile strategy that ensures your mobile assets are closely aligned with your omnichannel strategy.


Tune up your customer experience, erasing any friction points, and ensure your mobile business is ripe for growth.


Run your customer acquisition campaigns with an eye on profitability and a balance between quantity and quality.


Constantly iterate your mobile properties, using data to test often and improve KPI's that are critical to your business.


Our job is to help you solve complex problems in your mobile and omnichannel business.

Mobile Analytics Software

We are proud to be the exclusive resellers of Kontagent mobile analytics software, kSuite Mobile. For the past 5 years, Kontagent has been the preeminent provider of Enterprise-class mobile analytics for gaming, retailers, financial services, travel and health care. Their client list includes industry leaders, such as: Kaiser Permanente, eHarmony, Time Warner, Electronic Arts, Jackthreads, and hundreds more.

Mobile Analytics Consulting

mscience mobile strategists and data analysts have developed a time-tested methodology to help our customers optimize their mobile and omnichannel business. From marketing to customer experience to monetization, we lift up the hood and dig deep into your customer data to uncover opportunities to improve loyalty, efficiency and topline revenue of your mobile properties.

Part mobile strategy development. Part statistical analysis. Part best-in-class technology. All add up to solving your biggest challenges in mobile and omnichannel.

About Us

Our team is comprised of some of the brightest minds in mobile and digital strategy.

Our Story

For the past few years, we've been busy building, selling and servicing mobile analytics solutions for customers. In doing so, we recognized a big problem...and a big opportunity:

Enterprise businesses aren't prepared with the strategy, expertise or metrics for success to build transformative mobile customer experiences that translate into real business value.

So, we left the software business to start mscience, a company focused on bringing the right expertise and solutions to companies who are looking for answers to big questions. Questions like: How does mobile fit into my overall omnichannel strategy? What KPI's should I be looking at regularly to keep track of my business? What percentage of my customers should I expect to monetize in my mobile channel? And, pretty much any other question you can come up with.

Our goal at mscience is to arm you with the knowledge, tools and data to make smarter decisions about your mobile business. We're ready when you are.

Our Advisors

Bill Loller

Bill Loller
Vice President
IBM Smarter Commerce

Matthew Wilcox

Matthew Wilcox
Managing Director of Marketing Strategy and Innovation

Josh Williams

Josh Williams
CEO & Chief Science Officer


"By working with the experts at mscience, we were able to optimize our in-app offer strategy to increase daily revenues by 20%"

- Josh Wilson, Director of Social Gaming Products, Williams Interactive

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