Talking Points

M Science delivers business decision support through its Corporate Information Services division, offering data resources and solutions for telecom, media, video game and consumer clients.

Talking Points, released weekly, provides brief insights into the most vital topics in these industries.

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Recent Talking Points

February 20, 2018
M Science Talking Points: Apple a Diminishing Threat to Android

February 12, 2018
M Science Talking Points: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

February 5, 2018
M Science Talking Points: Latest Data Insights for Hulu, DirecTV Now, Sling, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games, and Take-Two Interactive

Understanding consumers by location

Using proprietary M Science algorithms, we can determine the proximity of transactions allowing behavior tracking by location, city, zip code or MSA. This data can broaden your understanding of regional consumers and support decisions on geographic expansion.